I've Got a superpower: I'm a Mom+backed-by-jesus

Written By Kacie Paine

School is almost out, and Moms are running on empty. Running on fumes, people, FUMES! It is now June 2nd; we have to figure out how to run on empty for another week. We can only hope and pray that we have enough fumes in the tank to make it to summer. It’s gonna be close. Real. Close.

The last few weeks have held an insurmountable bevy of end of year activities. We have the end of the year classroom parties, graduations, field trips with last minute packed lunches, teacher appreciation weeks, gala fundraisers, sports tournaments, band concerts, play performances, and a couple classmate birthday parties thrown in the mix. Dear Lord – NO more birthday party invites. Just NO.

Now, I am so thankful for the leaders in my children’s lives, and I fully understand the need for end of year celebrations & events, but at this point, I can barely keep the schedule straight. The end of schoolyear rush hits me hard – but I’ve got a superpower: I’m a Mom+Backed-by-Jesus.

Five minutes before Xander’s bus this morning, he said “oh Mom, I need to bring rocks to school today for a painting project, but I can’t remember what size or how many, so do you have that one paper I brought home last week?” Sweet Cheese & Crackers…R U kidding me? Do I remember some random sheet of paper that was likely shoved into a wad and stuffed to the bottom of this 3rd grader’s backpack…under his leaky water bottle and dirty shoes? Yeah right.

But I took a breath, and reminded myself that I’m Mom, with the power of the Holy Spirit behind me, I’ve got this. So, I grab my phone and try to search for an email within the thousands I have overflowing my inbox. Parents receive so many communications – from EVERY leader of EVERY activity our kids participate in – it’s so overwhelming. I get communications from my kids’ teachers, principals, district, specialist teachers, church leaders, sports coaches, piano instructors, play directors, club leaders, and the list goes on – now multiply that times the number of kids you have…. it’s overwhelming. And I only have 2 kids - I can’t imagine how “pack-parents” manage it. Finding that one email with the info you need in 5 seconds is a lot like finding a needle in a haystack. So, I did what any other quick-witted Mom would do – I type ‘ROCKS’ in my search bar. 😊 And Walla, there’s the email….

  • Bring 5 rocks about 2-4 inches around and 5 rocks the size of a penny for a surprise painting craft on June 2

I yell out “I FOUND IT!!!” and, with complete disregard for the fact that I’m still in my PJ’s, I grab Xander’s hand, and we run out the front door. We find our rocks, I run back inside to quickly wash & dry them, throw them in a Ziplock bag, shove them in Xander’s backpack while chasing him out the door. As he’s running down to the bus, I shout to him like I always do “make good choices, have a great day, love you!”.

That little fire drill after the weeks of stress leading up to the end of the schoolyear could really have caused me to lose my ever-lovin’-mind, but not for this Momma. I walk to the kitchen, refill my coffee cup – because let’s face it, this is a double-batch morning – and while I add a little creamer, I say a little thank you to Jesus for having my back – for helping me jump over that hurdle while still managing to keep that “Xander-appointed #BestMom crown” I balance on my head.

Whether it’s small hurdle like this morning, or a much bigger one, we all have our share of obstacles that come at us when our tank is close to empty. It is in these challenging times, that I want to take a minute to remind my fellow moms that you’ve got this. 

With the power of Jesus Christ – He always has your back.

  • Prioritize time on Sundays to let Jesus love on you

If we allow our cup to be filled to overflowing by God’s love, then we can be more readily able to pour this same love into our children. A supernatural, awesome love from God. 

  • Isaiah 40:31 says, “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.”

As Moms we often default to our own strength and forget that God designed Motherhood to be impossible without Him. We need to remember that we need His help – we need Him to fill up our cup with His Power & Strength. I hope and pray that you will join me at church on Sunday – let the message from Pastor John’s new series on the "9 Secrets to Healthy Relationships" fill up your cup.