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A spiritual gift is something God has chosen specifically for you so that you can help with the advancement of the church by serving and using your special ability. A great way to help discover your gifts is to take a short 5 minute test online. 

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first impressions team

Living Vine’s First Impressions Ministry has an important job: To make newcomers feel welcome, to make the regulars feel at home and to create a friendly atmosphere where anyone can walk in and immediately sense God's love at work. Shortening the distance between our guests and a relationship with Jesus. That's what a welcoming church is all about.

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  • New guests decide if they’re willing to return to a church within the first seven minutes of their initial visit. It’s up to us to make those seven minutes magical. Greeters will open the door and welcome each guest upon entering the building, be warm & welcoming, invite them to coffee fellowship after the gathering. Lead Families to the Family Ministry rooms and show them around. Following the service, tell guests goodbye and thank them for coming.

    Ideally, we have at least 2 greeters stationed at each door (3rd Street x 2 & Vine Street x 2), so that if a new person arrives, 1 greeter can stay behind while the other greeter walks the guest to take kids to family ministry, show them around, etc.

    We encourage greeters to be at their post by 9:40am and stay there until the end of the morning music to catch any late arrivals. 

  • Guest Information Desk is a critical step for interested guests to get more connected with our church. This is the area by the coffee station with the black desk & counter. This is a new concept for us at Living Vine, so we’re still growing this piece, but ideally guests can go to the information desk to find out more about everything going on at our church: how to navigate within the building, info on upcoming events, how to register their kids for family ministry, find out when the Youth Group meets next, how to volunteer, how to view a copy of last week’s sermon, and more.

    First-time Guests should be given a Welcome Bag, which includes a Dunn Bros giftcard, some information about our church as well as the Hudson area

    We encourage greeters to be at their post by 9:40am to answer any questions prior to the service and be back at the desk before the congregation exits the chapel

  • Coordinate the first impression team volunteers, ensure roles are covered each Sunday, ensure volunteers update their availability and encourage them to find subs as needed

    Train new volunteers (greeters & info desk)

     Lead an occasional meeting/gathering with the first impressions team (for purposes of team building, brainstorming how to continue to enhance “first impressions”, etc.) as often as you’d like

    Attend the quarterly director meeting held by Pastor John – he brings all of the directors together to talk about things like budget, vision, key updates, growth, etc.

    New Guest Follow-up:

    Collect guest information cards after church

    Enter guest info into the CloverPeople database

    Create an “interaction task” in CloverPeople for Pastor John to follow up with each new guest

    First Impressions Roadmap – as the volunteer team grows, the director can propose additional enhancements or new roles for the First Impressions Team – welcoming ideas that would create a better first guest experience at the church

family ministry team

Family ministry is one of the greatest opportunities Living Vine has to teach kids, develop leaders, and equip parents in order to train up and disciple the next generation. 

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  • The Nursery Lead will manage the room, manage the volunteer team schedule for the nursery, and serve 1x/month. In the Living Vine Nursery, our goal is to provide a safe and clean environment where babies sense God's love. Through songs and play, our hope is that our little ones hear three basic truths: God loves me, God made me and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

  • Toddlers are provided with a safe and loving environment where they can explore and feed their natural curiosity. Kids get to play, hear a Bible story, enjoy a snack and make friends. The Toddler Room lead will manage the room, manage the volunteer team schedule for the toddler/preK room and serve 1x/month.
  • Children are welcomed by an adult greeter and are invited to sit in a circle with the storyteller, who will share the Godly Play Story of the day. In Godly Play, we tell Bible stories to encourage children to enter the stories and relate them to their personal experience.  Because everything in the classroom is designed for children to use and enjoy, children look forward to coming to Godly Play and immerse themselves in the biblical story. Additionally, the children will share a "feast" during each session. Children will be brought back into the auditorium to sit with their families toward the end of the service. Our Godly Play team serves 1x/month. 
  • Middle School and High School students gather most Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8pm for games, fellowship, teaching, and lots of fun. We provide a safe space to discuss life struggles, joys, needs, influences, spiritual disciplines, identity, and more. Snacks/treats are provided along with plenty of fun! Additionally, there is a monthly service project (usually on the 3rd Saturday) and various BFF offsite outings throughout the year. 

praise team

You know that feeling when you walk into church and you can feel the presence of God? The music sounds so good that you're up on your feet, hands lifted and you can't help but sing along? There's nothing like it! 

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  • •Drums, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar, & Vocals (any skill level welcome)

    •1x/week rehearsals are required for the Sunday you are serving (Summer rehearsals Sunday @9am/Fall Rehearsals Wednesday @ 6:30pm)
  • •Simply put, a sound board takes multiple input signals—such as microphones, instruments, iPods, DJ turntables, etc. —and merges them together so they can be sent to speakers, live stream and other sources as one signal
    •A Sound operator is on the lookout to prevent the slightest distraction – like feedback, a harsh mix, missed mic cues, hums, buzzes, or RF dropouts

    •During the Sunday Gathering, you observe the congregation as the program progresses, adjusting sound levels during each song & speaker
  • •Live Streaming & Video Recording is an important part of our Sunday Gathering – we achieve this through 4 cameras are mounted to the ceiling, controlled remotely by the camera operator who sits behind a screen at the back of the sanctuary
    •The camera operator is responsible for rotating between cameras to keep the live stream audience engaged, to follow the speaker and adjust the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom

    •The computer is connected to the video so that the slides can be captured on screen alongside the speaker
  • •The graphics operator is an integral part of leading worship every Sunday, by initiating the videos, slides, and lyrics that appear on the screen it helps everyone watching the screens in the room or on their computer as they watch the live stream be able to participate in singing and taking notes. 

    •1x/week rehearsals are required for the Sunday you are serving. This time gives you a chance to hear the music and get used the songs.

campus care team

The purpose of the Campus Care Ministry is to maintain a clean positive environment for all church attendees whether they are new, old, or visiting for the first time.

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  • Take Garbage Out: 3 Trash Cans & 3 Recycling Cans (every other week) that are located between the church and the parsonage house will need to be brought to the end of the driveway behind the church and set alongside 3rd Street to be collected on Monday Mornings

    Bring Garbage In: 3 Trash Cans & 3 Recycling Cans (every other week) will need to be brought back up the driveway behind the church and set between the church and the parsonage house after being collected on Monday Mornings
  • •Being that the outside of the church is the first thing people see, this highly visible location should be kept clean and tidy.

    •The Grounds Cleanup Crew is responsible for the church grounds beyond the perimeter of the building.  This includes the lawn, trees and beds, and paved driveways and sidewalks – pickup trash as needed, sweep debris, etc.  
  • •We were blessed with a big, historic building at Living Vine, but with that comes a lot maintenance and projects – there’s always something to get done

    •If you have handyman skills and would be willing to do tasks like paint touchup, putting together shelving units, hanging signs, etc. – this is the job for you
  • •When we hold events at Living Vine like Weddings, Funerals, & Outreach Events (Spooktacular), we convert the setup of rooms like the Auditorium and Upstairs Family Life Center to a more conducive layout for the event by moving the Sunday Gathering rows to stacked chairs around the room or moving tables & chairs around upstairs

    •Support Help needed: Stacking & unstacking chairs, moving, folding & unfolding tables, wiping down tables & vacuuming floors after events


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  • Coffee Hour serves more than the purpose of filling rumbly bellies and satisfying caffeine withdrawal symptoms- It brings us together for fellowship and a chance to get to know our guests and find out more about our regulars. Through serving homemade treats and delicious coffee, we can create a warm, welcoming environment for everyone. This ministry consists of teams of 1-2 people who are responsible for setting up, serving and cleaning up. 

  • Memorial Service Receptions and Weddings – Supported and hosted by people of the church, the receptions provide a place to gather and a time of comfort and nourishment following special services at our church.

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  • Creating the Sunday programs & inserts is an important one role at Living Vine. The Sunday program highlights what's happening in and around the church - further connecting the congregation and guests to Living Vine. The insert helps the congregation to follow along and engage with the message. This role includes using Microsoft Publisher to create and edit the program as well as printing and assembling the programs onsite.

  • The Media Videographer uses video and film to serve the worship of God and the engagement of our church family via video testimonies, ministry highlights and special event filming. 

  • Photography allows people to visit Living Vine before they actually arrive onsite and it allows people to form connections with the story of our church. The media photographer is responsible for showcasing Living Vine's programs, congregation and facilities for us on our website, social media pages, newsletter publications, and during our Sunday Gathering. 

  • If you're skilled a graphic design and creating PowerPoint slides, we could use your help with visuals for our Sunday gathering and announcements. After seeking topics from the LVC directors each week, this role would create slides for each topic and submit them for uploading to our ProPreseter platform. Assistance with other graphics on the website and in our newsletters would be appreciated too. 

  • In collaboration with the LVC directors, the website editor would make changes and updates to our church website, add events, rotate content, upload live streaming notes, etc. 

  • Manage congregation database for accuracy - adding, removing & editing names, addresses, phone numbers, dates such as Christ Acceptance, Baptism, Guest Luncheon, etc. Add & manage group members. Send out church communications. 

  • Look for content that attracts attention as well as demonstrates how God is at work at Living Vine. Posting regularly with great photos and topics that drive engagement. Respond to feedback, comments and questions. Social media is a great way to have a dialogue with your audience.