About Us

Living Vine Church is considered a “restart.” Simply stated, Living Vine is a rebirth of First Baptist Church in Hudson, Wisconsin. First Baptist has been a part of the Hudson community for over 170 years, but recently found itself struggling for its very survival. With the congregation’s approval. leadership decided to start over and become a new church.

No longer denominational, we have a new name, new leadership, new focus and purpose, new programming, and new worship styles; however, Living Vine is still ultimately based on the truths of the Bible and we still meet at the same location. The rebuilding process has been in progress for nearly two years. Living Vine has turned the page to what it can be and should be with God’s strength and blessing.

We believe the church of Jesus Christ brings hope to the world. We believe Living Vine is an instrument of God’s grace to a broken and hurting world looking for direction, truth, meaning and sincerity. We believe we have found those things in Jesus Christ, who boldly proclaimed that He is the way, the truth and the life. At Living Vine, you will discover a group of imperfect people desiring to grow in faith and love and who long to be a blessing to the world.